Jogging Stroller Basics For Active Moms & Dads

Sure, jogging strollers are a great way for parents to stay fit while avoiding paying for a babysitter, but they are also a great way to give your children a fun adventure and get them out of the house. Active parents often lead to active kids, so giving them an example as early as possible can imprint on them the importance of health and fitness. A number of parents have discovered the benefits of using a running stroller, but it is something that the entire family can get something out of. Safety is often a concern as moving at a higher rate of speed than a normal stroll can introduce added dangers to both the runner and the passenger. This is why it is key to make sure your new stroller has important features that will keep everyone in one piece.

Below are just some of the vital jogging stroller safety precautions that we always follow that have helped avoid accidents and injuries. While there are certain precautions for runners to keep them from injuring themselves, there are also certain keys that your new stroller should have to keep your little one safe as well.Hopefully, they will help ease your mind and get you out of the house with the family more often.

Safety Features


If you are going to be pushing your stroller at a fast pace and getting up to full running speed the most important aspect you should look for is the ability to stop your stroller safely. A jogger with an adequate braking system is something to pay attention to. Some come with foot brakes and others come with brakes on the handle bar. Hand brakes are probably going to be the most convenient and the easiest to use in a split second. They work similar to those used on bicycles and they are going to be your best option to control the speed of your stroller. Always make sure you get a model with a solid manner to apply the brakes.

Sun Canopy

We all know the dangers that the sun can pose, but it is even greater to little children. Shielding them from harmful UV rays is another feature your jogging stroller must provide. You want your kids to enjoy the outdoors without getting burned. Make sure to look at a model with a large and adjustable canopy that will protect your children from the sun, dust, and weather.


Air filled tires are just about standard, but this is another feature that you should not ignore. Not only will these provide more cushion while going offer bumpy terrain, they will also enable you to control the stroller better. A front swivel wheel that is able to locked and unlocked to further add to control and maneuverability.


This goes hand in hand with having air filled tires, but adequate suspension will also help provide a smooth ride. If you like to go on hiking trails or dirt roads, having this feature is going to be paramount to reduce the jarring and bumps that these types of paths may provide. You don’t want your child bouncing all around, so getting a stroller with dedicated suspension is going to be a must. If you are anticipating using your stroller on smooth concrete surfaces then this something that will help provide the ultimate ride for your little one. No matter the surface, a good suspension system will always be a benefit.

Harness System

Making sure your child is securely fastened inside the stroller obviously seems like a pretty important thing. Performance strollers should have a sturdy harness construction and should keep your kid in place and protected. Better strollers have durable straps that will make sure your child is not able to get out of the stroller and will keep them in place even in the event of an accident.

Safety Should Always Come First

Whether you like to go running on a road or take things closer to nature on your favorite trail, anticipating the dangers and having something that will protect you and your children from the most things possible is the best way to ensure that everyone comes home safely and has a fun and productive time. Technology has come a long way and today’s top rated running and jogging strollers should be able to provide your family with something that everyone can enjoy. Once you have something that you are comfortable with the sky is the limit and both your fitness and the well being of your child can be greatly enhanced. The right jogger can help you expose your children to a positive example and get them to cherish the outdoors, and this is something that they can take with them moving forward.