The Diono Radian RXT Can Truly Do It All For Parents

Buying a convertible car seat is one of the more crucial purchase that you will make for your child in their first years. One of the goals of eating right and and exercising is so that we can live long and healthy lives so that we can be there for our children for years to come. Well, getting a quality child restraint seat is the best thing that you can do to ensure that they are safe and secure and that they make it to your golden years for you all to enjoy.

The Diono Radian RXT is a one such car seat that we highly recommend because we have personal experience with this particular model. It has an impeccable reputation as being one of the best seats on the market for its protection and comfort features. Kids love to ride in it and parents stress level is reduced knowing that their children are safe in something that is designed to minimize their exposure to the dangerous forces seen in various types of collisions.

For parents looking for the ultimate protection for their kids while riding in the car, the Radian RXT is an excellent option. It has performed extremely well for owners and is one of the top rated convertible safety seats for children in 2019. Below are just some of the reasons that you should consider getting one of the seats. Your back seat will thank you.

Most Important Features

1. 5 Point Harness With A Limit Of 5-80 Pounds

This offers the highest weight limit currently in the market. The various harness points basically means that a heavier toddler will be able to stay in the seat long enough before moving to the booster.

2. Suitable Rear Height And Weight Limits

The design falls in line with the newly published American Academy of Pediatrics policies allowing one to keep infants on rear facing for longer. The seat not only accommodates tall toddlers but also gives more leg room offering a whole new experience to them.

3. Adjustable Height Positions

You got to love the new Diono RXT car seat model as it gives a variety of harness positions. What does this mean for consumers? Well, this means fewer headaches when shopping as any child would fit comfortably throughout the use of the seat.

4. Duo Recline Adjustments

The model offers two recline positions for forward facing but a different foot is used for rear facing. These simple adjustments are advantageous in that they can drop down and help increase recline to any angle. This will provide a better and easier installation process in some vehicles.

5. Crotch Strap Adjustments

The Radian RXT design comes with three different crotch positions increasing its consumers’ utility.

6. Adjustable Thigh Support

With the adjustable thigh support feature, the sides on the Radian RXT can be adjusted either side depending on the size of your child.

7. Guaranteeing Maximum Efficiency

For newborn babies, it is recommended that you should properly adjust the harness straps so as to fit the size of the infant. Do not forget to adjust the angle too to ensure your new born is comfortable.

Both the rear and forward facing may be uncomfortable for preschoolers. Perhaps trying the forward facing in harnessed mode would provide the best comfort level. Do not forget to adjust reclines as this will offer a significant level of bump enhancing the child’s comfort.

For children above 7 years, booster will provide the best option to help accommodate their big size. Ensure you support the seat with anchors when in booster mode to prevent the seat from crashing.

Pros Of This Car Seat

  • The new design provides numerous benefits over R100 and R120 design. First, the Radian RXT seat provides a perfect. This makes it very suitable to use for any sized toddler be it big or small.
  • It also provides high comfort levels to your baby with presence a well -padded cover with the mesh being only behind the infants head and hips.
  • So as not to induce claustrophobia, the new convertible car seat design comes in handy with infant support cushion and head rest. When using these facilities, caution should be taken to ensure the baby’s head does not fall forward onto his chest when in use.
  • The RXT design comes with a lengthy expiration period of about 8 to 10 years. Airplane certification also increases the value compared to the previous models.


  • Probably something you would not find interesting about the new model is that you would have to take the seat out and have the harness re-threaded when adjusting its height. This may inconvenience you a little bit when making these relevant adjustments.
  • Another con is that when trying to adjust the rear facing. It might be a little hard to tighten and you may need to pull the straps straight out and a little down to get the right fit.

Whether you are taking a quick trip to the supermarket or your are travelling across the country, the importance of having a quality car seat cannot be understated. The Radian RXT is a terrific option for parents. It provides the safety and comfort features that will keep your child protected and happy.