Satisfy That Sweet Tooth With A Healthy Strawberry


For both parents and kids, maintaining a healthy diet is often hard with all of the sugar rich treats available. However, fresh fruits are a great way to tame that sweet tooth while getting the daily nutrients that the body needs. Strawberries contain nutrients like potassium, fiber, water, vitamin K and C, magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid, and much more, which are very beneficial to our health. In combination, they are appealing, sweet and tasty and with flavor as compared to fruits like bananas and apples. It is referred to as a fruit of wonder as it offers wonderful health benefits to help our bodies. So what can this tiny powerhouse offer you?

Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Strawberries contain anthocyanins,a class of flavonoids responsible for colour and flavor, which reduce the risk of having an heart attack in both young and middle aged women by 32% according to a study carried out by Aedin Cassidy at the Northwich Medical School in UK. Potassium and fiber found in strawberries support the health of heart hence lowers the risk of dying from ischemic heart disease.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Berries contain mighty antioxidants that are strong in inhibiting growth of tumor and inflammation in the human’s body. The frozen dried strawberry powder helps prevent oesophageal cancer.

Constipation Remedy

Strawberries are high in water content and fiber. This hydrates the body and enhances smooth and easiness in movement of bowel. Fiber also provides a bulky stool.


Folate reduces the formation of homocysteine in the body.This in return controls blood pressure and balances it back to normal. Homocysteine formed in our bodies due to stress interferes with manufacture of hormones that regulate sleep,good mood and even appetite.

Health for Pregnant Women

Folic acid prevents infants from neural tube defects.

Bone Health

As one ages, there is tendency of destruction of calcium store, and weakness of bones which may lead to bone breakage. Pottasium and vitamin K can help prevents this.

Anti-aging Properties

It is good to know that one can enhance strong nails, prevent hair loss and even skin sagging against the age. Adapting the habit of consuming strawberries will provide our bodies with antioxidant ellagic acid to strengthen the elastic fiber in our skin and biotic for the nails and hair.

Promote Eye Health

Macular degeneration leads to vision loss. Strawberries contain nutrients that lower risk of this condition.

Helps in Weight Loss

Nitrates promote circulation of oxygen and blood flow during physical exercise. One can therefore take longer to exercise without the muscles getting too tired. Anthocyanins found in the red colouring helps burn stored fat. This is why they are so good for those looking to lose some weight and get themselves into better shape.


Anti-inflammatory disorders such as asthma, allergies,osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis can be fought by phenols in strawberries.

Memory Loss

Anthocyanins are essential for boosting short term memory

Prevent Diabetes

Fiber and a lower glycemic index found in strawberries promote regulation of blood sugar to a normal balance. Diabetic condition is therefore controlled in the body

Low Risk to Stroke

Kaempferol, antioxidants quercetin, and anthocyanins found in strawberries help prevent formation of blood clots that are harmful and associated with stroke.

Better Sex

Strawberries are said to enhance sex functioning due to antioxidants that enhance good flow of blood that provide energy in our body in both men and women. Vitamin C has also been associated with a higher sperm count hence activates higher libido.

Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C prevents the body from infectious diseases and generally boosts immunity. Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C and contain slightly more than oranges by weight. Adding just a few of these to your juicing recipes can help you reach your daily requirements.

Juicing Strawberries

If eating fresh fruits and vegetables seems like too much of a chore then you can always try to juice them. Not all foods added to your juicer will have a pleasant taste, especially some of the leafy greens such as kale or wheatgrass. Adding in a sweet fruit can really help in this regard and strawberries are perfect in this instance. For the same reason that strawberries are popular in a lot of desserts, they can also help with your juices by making them taste a little better.